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System BMC
ftServer System BMC Firmware

Software should be downloaded from this area and installed under the direction of a representative of  Stratus Customer Services or your Stratus-authorized support provider.

ftServer Systems - Models 2920,4920,6920

Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

Software upgrades to the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) firmware for 8th generation models of the Stratus ftServer family of computer systems using the Microsoft Windows Server®, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, and VMware® ESX™ Operating Systems . Contact Stratus Customer Services or your support provider for assistance installing this firmware.

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ftServer System
Models 2920/4920/6920 System BMC Firmware

Date Hardware Version Notes




This version of the firmware is released by ECO-220178. This is the recommended BMC firmware for ftServer 2920, 4920 and 6920 systems.
40.2 MB

The software available through this area of the Stratus web site is intended for use only on Stratus ftServer architecture systems; any other use is not supported by Stratus Technologies, and in fact, could possibly damage the hardware, software, or data on such non-ftServer systems. Download software from this area only under the direction of Stratus Customer Services or your Stratus-authorized support provider.

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